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This is my first somewhat official game I've published, it was a senior-level class project back in 2019-2020, and after a few months of development it is for the most part finished.

All assets in the game were made with free tools:
Gimp - 2d textures, Blender - 3d models, LMMS - sfx and music, and spacescape - cool skyboxes.

The game right now is a little rough around the edges, but if you like what you see feel free to leave feedback or suggestions, this game will always be free to play and you can access the latest builds at any time at: https://github.com/WalterIrvin/Senior_Project_2020. Donations, if you choose to give any will help me make this whole game development thing an actual career, but there's no pressure, even just feedback on what to add/fix would be a great help.


The gameplay controls are based on a xbox style gamepad, you will need two controllers to actually enjoy the game as of now, which is something I'd like to get around to fixing if possible. The default keybindings (can be changed in builder) are as follows:

A: enter button for ui (cannot be remapped as of yet)

T-axis: (right trigger increases speed, left decreases/reverses)

RB: laser gun fire button

LB: missile fire button

Left stick-X: roll

Left stick-Y: pitch

Right stick-X: yaw


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